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Page history last edited by Kim Greenlee 13 years, 10 months ago

Code camp is by developers for developers.  With this page you can tell others what you are interested in.  What topics / ideas / etc… would you like to explore or have more information on?   Are there companies with technologies that you think should be approached and asked to send speakers?  


We want to hear more about your learning interests.


Write up your topics, post them here, and maybe someone will decide to give a talk on it.  Maybe the company will see your interest and send a speaker.   Take 10 minutes to tell us what you want.    This is code camp so there are no guarantees you’ll get your topic, but we can guarantee that if you don’t tell people what you want to learn more about…you are much less likely to get it.



Comments (2)

Kim Greenlee said

at 1:36 am on Jul 24, 2010

I want someone or several people to present the topic:

Effective Eclipse Use for the Programmer Who Is an Eclipse Rookie

I've been coding a bunch of Java over the past four months using Eclipse for the first time. I'm mostly a manager these days, but I wrote a lot of C, Pascal, and assembly (and wrote two programming books) earlier in my career. I feel like I'm using a tenth of one percent of Eclipse's capabilities. I've done hundreds of compiles of now hundreds of lines of code, of course, and used the console, but not much else of Eclipse. So I'd love to attend a session that made me more effective on what I think is one of the two or three most commonly used IDEs. (A similar topic on VS would probably be similarly received in the Microsoft programming community.)

- Ron Lichty

Bob Kirchgesner said

at 9:16 am on Aug 18, 2011

Can anyone present a How-To on installing and configuring LINUX (like ubuntu for example) in a Windows virtual manager, with an emphasis on the configuration, like setting up the printer, cd drive, and other required software setups to make a good development environment ?

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